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Designing and styling bespoke clothing is all about understanding the uniqueness in you. And emphasising it. That’s why each of our garments is customised to the very last stitch. So that they are meant for you. Distinctly for you."

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Customers Says

“Well if you believe in a person who will give word and do the job without any deviation, you have those people here..still belonging to the old school of thought.. Armour is here to glitter more; In this glittering world of fashion..!!�.”

Ritika Madaan

“Connie Stevens was wrong after all. Not only your smile is important, what you wear is equally important. Armour has taken care of that. It was the first suit of my life and Pranita nailed it to perfection! It was exactly what I was looking for. No trial and errors. Pranita, you are gem!”

Tausif Patil

“Personalised clothing and choice of fabric and collections as per your need.”

Chetan Shimpi

“Unique, creative, refusing to be replicated.”

Louise Kelly

“In a world where many online ready to wear clothing vendors are all over the place, I appreciate the top notch quality that ARMOUR provides. I recommend everyone to go BESPOKE specially with ARMOUR.”

Bibin P. Cherian

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