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Wardrobe Essentials : 11 Types of Shoes A Man Must Own

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

If you think shoe collection is just women’s business, then you have got it all wrong. The saying ‘’shoes make the man’’ might sound like an overstatement, but we can’t deny how a good and comfortable pair of shoes gives us that high in life. It does make us feel and look better. Whether you are a footwear collector enthusiast or just starting to put together your closet essentials, our extensive footwear guide has got it all covered for you! Here’s a look at 11 types of shoes every man must own :

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1. Brogues - Brogues are one of the classiest pair of shoes every man must own. There are different types of brogues - oxford brogues, derby brogues, and monk brogues. It is a dress shoe which is mostly worn with formal outfits. But brogues have now gained popularity for their smart-casual appeal. You can team it up with a plain shirt and trousers or you can suit it up. It goes both ways.

2. Oxfords - Oxfords are the most elegant and royal footwear a man can wear. It comes in variations such as cap toe, buck, wingtip, etc. Oxfords are the best pick for your formal wear. May it be a business meeting or a wedding reception, wear a black or brown pair of oxfords with your well-fitted formal wear and you are ready! Armour recommends every man to at add one or two pairs of oxfords to your footwear collection. It is a classic must-have! 3. Derbie - Derbies are slightly considered less formal than the oxfords. It is a dress and formal shoe with an open lacing system with eyelet tabs sewn onto the top of the uppers. The Derby became popular as a hunting or sporting boot in the 1850s and later copied in the form of a dress shoe. It is hugely popular and men’s favourite for date nights or semi-formal events. 4. Loafers - Loafers are one of the smartest pair of shoes to have in your closet. It is basically a laceless shoe which you can wear with a casual look or even a semi-formal attire. Loafers come in a variety of colours and materials. You have options to choose from and it provides ease and comfort without the hassle to tie your laces. And guess what? You still look smart as ever! The three main types of loafers are bit loafers, tassel loafers, and penny loafers. 5. Moccasins - Moccasins are similar to loafers and made of leather or sheep pelt with a soft sole. It originated back in the days when Native Americans used to hunt in the wild. Originally made out of sheep pelt, it helped hunters to approach their prey quickly and quietly because of its soft soles. Great footwear for a comfortable drive, a long walk or travelling as it is easier to quickly put on and remove. Moccasins are super comfortable! It is ideal for summer and spring outings. 6. Espadrilles - Espadrilles are breathable shoes that are easy to wear and simply stylish. Its origin is traced back to almost 4000 years ago. Espadrilles are classic and can be worn with trousers, jeans and even shorts. It is very ideal for summer outings. Comfortable, easy to put on and remove, espadrilles are also fashionable. 7. Boots - Boots are a must-have in your shoe wardrobe. Ideal for winter, boots are now much more than just a winter wear option. It has made a high fashion statement and you can wear it with different outfits. Casual boots give a cool look and save you in those bad weather days. Whereas dress boots give you the perfect ‘suited and booted’ look. Whether your style is Chukka, brogue or formal balmoral, you will always find it to be a fascinating part of your footwear collection. Your shoe collection can never be complete without a nice pair of boots. 8. Sneakers You cannot do a collection without a pair of sneakers. May it be hanging out with your mates at a sports bar or another relaxing getaway, sneakers provide you with the solid comfort that you need. It is classy, fun and goes best with casual outfits. It is available in a variety of colours. Brands like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma have given greater meaning to these shoes by coming up with a variety of designs and luxurious comfort. Plain white sneakers will make your denim and T-shirt look much cooler and smarter. 9. Running Shoes or Trainers Whether you are the hardcore gym guy or running some extra miles is your thing, trainers are a must in your shoe closet. Running shoes have a sharp edgy look and cushioning to support your weight and boost your energy to run those extra miles. It is important to invest in good quality running shoes or trainers in order for it to last and support your feet during workouts. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc have done real justice to these shoes. 10. Monk Shoes Coming back to the brogues category, monk shoes are laceless and have a buckle & strap. A single monk has one buckle and strap and a double monk has two buckles and two straps. The monk shoes are not as formal as compared to the oxfords. But they are considered more formal than a derby. It was originally designed as a dressier and more desirable alternative to sandals worn by European monks. 11. Crocs Walking down the beach or making it through the rainy season is the easiest when you own a pair of crocs. If you are a beach baby, I am sure there’s a pair of crocs sitting in your shoe closet. Crocs, though only an option to add to your collection is a fun and comfortable footwear. It dries quickly even after being wet in the water for several hours. Jeans, sweatpants or shorts, your crocs will match any casual outfit.

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