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9 Tips On How To Achieve An Effortless Look

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Do you want to look the best version of yourself? At the same time, you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard? Effortless style means keeping it simple but at the same time stylish. Of course, it does require some kind of effort to look good. Like they say, ‘the first impression is the last impression’. Your appearance does play a great role in setting up your impression in front of others.

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Not only what you wear can make you confident but it also uplifts you to perform better in life may it be your professional or personal life. We have covered 9 tips on how to nail that effortlessly flawless look. Let’s begin!

● Keep It Simple Simplicity is the best policy. It also works when it comes to clothes. Simple and elegant collection hardly goes out of style. If you have a plain black T-shirt or a cotton white shirt, be sure that both items are going to stay in your closet for a longer period of time. It’s the simple things you buy that lasts longer. Investing in some good quality shirts or plain T-shirts is a smart thing to do. You can team them up with a pair of denim or formal trousers for different occasions. Recognize Your Style Whether you are the ‘suit and tie man’ or the ‘leather jacket and boots’ kind of a guy, it is important to find your basic style. Setting the basics right is the key towards achieving an effortless look. Fashion is not always what’s in this season, it is what makes you feel more ‘you’. Knowing what makes you comfortable and building your fashion sense around that will always add to your personality. You need not change yourself or go completely out of your style to fit in. Instead, find your own genre and keep adding to your collection. ● Fittings Doesn’t matter what your style is, finding the right size for your body type is essential. A well-fitted shirt or suit will always make you look more of a gentleman. You should know your size and body type well and find clothes that fit you perfectly. Oversized clothes are sometimes cool but don’t go over the board with them. When it comes to formal wear, make sure both your upper and bottom wear is exactly the right size. A loose fitted shirt or suit is such a no-no! Your clothes should look like as if they were made just for you. ● Accessorize Wearing accessories is not just limited to women. Of course, you are not asked to try out messy bracelets or tacky gold rings. But a nice and classy watch can just do the right for you. Watches are to men what diamonds are to women. Investing in a quality brand watch like Rado, Rolex or Armani Exchange might not be a bad idea. It is one piece of accessory that can complement your outfit immensely. Even if you want to keep it budget-friendly and still play the game, there are many other brands like Fossil and Tommy Hilfiger that would do justice. You can also experiment with simple platinum, diamond or gold rings. But remember to keep it clean. Too many accessories often make a mess. ● Footwear Matters Ladies do notice. Yes, I’m right! When it comes to footwear, keep it simple and classy! A pair of oxfords will do justice to your classy formals. Same way, you need a pair of white sneakers to go with your pair of jeans and a T-shirt. It is just the combination of different shoes with different outfits to maintain that ‘go-to’ look. Not very effortlessly feasible but it does make you look effortlessly sharp. ● Colours The most terrible mistake a man can commit when it comes to fashion is mix-matching colours that don’t go well with each other. You can’t really wear a bright yellow T-shirt, some baggy jeans and red shoes. No! Color combination is the secret to effortless style. A white T-shirt, blue denim and a pair of nice sneakers can do the magic. The same way a white shirt with grey trousers and black or brown oxfords can be the answer. Experimenting is good but going too loud with colours might make you look like a fashion disaster. Effortless style is obviously about what you love to wear and what makes you comfortable. But gentlemen, be careful when you play with the colour palette. ● Invest In A Good Suit When it comes to attending a board conference or standing as the best man at your pal’s wedding, you need to look dashing and smart. One good bespoke suit is an asset, trust me! Bespoke clothing is made just for you according to your preference and style. It fits you like no other suit that you buy off the shelves can. It is an investment and will hardly ever go out of style. Imagine walking into a party and spotting someone wearing almost the same blazer as you. Bespoke clothing will save you from that. Locate the best bespoke designer near you and get your suits made. You will never regret that decision. ● Fitness Is The Key We have already emphasized on how having a physically fit body makes you look effortlessly good. When you are healthy and fit, you automatically feel good about yourself and glow from within. That charm can’t be ignored. The happier you are inside, the more radiant you look outside. A fit body can carry different styles and outfits. It is an extra privilege that you get from all the hard work you have done on your body. Fitting into clothes is much easier and you look good no matter what you wear. Of course, keep the guidelines in mind. ● A Good Hairstyle Hairstyle often makes a difference. The way you do your hair adds a lot of factor to your clothes. Keeping it clean and trimmed is always recommended. But it actually depends on the way you carry yourself. Even if you have long hair and can nail that classic man bun look, nothing like it. From David Beckham to Ryan Gosling, there are many hairstyles to experiment with. Make sure you keep in mind your face type before going for a haircut. Your hairstylist can play a vital role here in getting you the perfect hairstyle you need. Besides all the tips and tricks, the most important thing is to stay happy. To take styling seriously is a good thing. It will help you discover and create your own persona. But taking it too seriously will make you overly conscious. Don’t stress yourself too much. Take it easy and have fun while you bring out the best version of yourself.

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