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Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Is your wedding around the corner? Are you under the pressure to look the best on your wedding day? Are you the Groom to be? Worry not! We have the ultimate solution for you that will save you time, money and effort. When choosing the type of suit to wear on your wedding day, the confusion can be huge and thoughts on how to look your best may leave you under tremendous pressure.

Bespoke Suit for wedding | Armour Bespoke

The goal is to find something to wear that looks good on you and at the same time is comfortable while you attend to the hundreds of guests and wedding rituals. In the midst of all the wedding glitz and glamour, the most important thing for the groom is to be himself and not transform into someone else. To keep your persona intact, the best option is to go bespoke. As more and more modern and contemporary gentlemen are choosing to wear bespoke on their big day, we are going to tell you why they are doing so. Be Yourself You need not follow a certain style to fit in. Bespoke is all about being comfortable in what you wear and highlights your sense of style. Gone are the days when a tuxedo or a white suit would define the wedding attire. This is the age where you play with different styles including streetwear fashion. Weddings give you the unique opportunity to express your individual sense of style and measure your creative freedom. With bespoke clothing, you can create suits that may not fit the typical wedding norms but looks amazing on you. You can embody different colour schemes in the stitching, piping and lining details or have a personal message embroidered into your jacket. Bespoke gives you the precious gift of personalization. Midnight blue tuxedos with navy silk lapels, bold checks, and tweeds, contrasting colours are all grooms demanded designs that bespoke designers are creating. And guess what? These exceptional grooms are rocking the bespoke suits on their big day. Why be boring when you can just be you? Excellent Fitting A bespoke suit will always provide a better fitting than a ready-to-wear suit. It is made to your specifications and size. The wedding suit should neither be tight nor be loose. It should like a bespoke suit claims - hug your body. You must be comfortable in it as if it is your own skin and carry it effortlessly. There is nothing such as a standardized or symmetrical body. A bespoke suit will emphasize the best parts of your build. So why go through the hassle of numerous trial and fittings sessions when you can wrap it up in just 1 or 2 with a bespoke outfit. It can’t go wrong when it is made just for you! Quality Quality Over Quantity! If you’re a believer in this, then take no risks and go for a bespoke suit for your ‘the day’. Most men look at bespoke suits as an investment rather than an expenditure because of the longevity that it offers. The fabrics, the style, the fit, the materials, the details, everything is in control of the buyer, designer, and tailor. Fashion and Fabrics from the streets of Savile Row to your doorsteps transformed in a well-fitted suit is delivered to you. Fabrics in bespoke are one of the most important factors. You get to choose from the best of colour, material, texture, pattern and a few more features. Feel like the royalty that you are on your big day wearing the finest quality bespoke suit. If you’re thinking about investing in a bespoke suit for your wedding, then freeze the decision and look not just the best but your best self on your wedding day. It's no longer just about the brides. It’s your day too. Let the gentleman in you shine bright on your brightest day

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